Spotlight 101

Get inspired and share your creativity.

What Is Spotlight?

Spotlight is our entertainment platform for user-generated content. It’s a great way for Creators to get exposure to the broader Snapchat community. Spotlight highlights quality content from creative folks like you, regardless of how many followers you have. 

Spotlight supports videos from your camera roll, but highlights Snaps created using the Snapchat Camera.

Create videos, then edit them with tools like:

  • Captions

  • Licensed music

  • Original sound recordings

  • Lenses

  • GIFs

Snapchat rewards Creators who make the top Spotlight Snaps, so get creative!

Submission Best Practices

  • Snaps should be vertical videos with sound, up to 60 seconds long 

  • Video must fill the full frame (no letterboxing)

  • Still-image photos and horizontal, blurry, or text-only Snaps will not show up on Spotlight 

  • Upload original content—watermarked videos from other apps will be filtered out of Spotlight

  • Showcase your Spotlights on your Public Profile by keeping the “Show Snap on Public Profile” submission option set to “on”.

Add #Topics to your Snaps

#Topics help other Snapchatters find and share your content, and explore more Snaps like yours. When you tap the #Topic in the bottom left corner of a Spotlight video, you’ll be able to see all the videos that use it.   

To add a #Topic to your video, first record your Snap, then tap ‘Share to Spotlight’ and add a description or #Topic on the ‘Send To’ screen. Using a hashtag will bring up existing #Topics as you type, or you can also make up your own.


See What’s Trending

Get insights into the latest trends on Spotlight. Tap the Upward arrow icon in the top right corner of the Spotlight screen for a peek at all the trending #Topics, Lenses, and Sounds.