Creator Marketplace

The Creator Marketplace helps businesses discover and partner with Snapchat’s Creator community.

How It Works

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly looking to work with Creators for branded content initiatives, AR partnerships, and more. 

The Creator Marketplace is a set of features that enable brands and Creators to connect and collaborate. Creators can use their talent and reach to help businesses tell stories and meet goals. 

Businesses search for partners by using filters such as budget, language, and specialty. Creators set their own rates and decide which projects to take on. 


How to Join

What began with helping businesses partner with top Lens Creators will expand to include more types of Creators over time. If you’ve been selected to join the Marketplace, someone from Snap will be in touch. 

It’s all about balance. Snap will reach out to more Creators as more verified, high-quality brands continue to join the Marketplace. 

The best way to get invited? Set up a Public Profile, regularly create engaging content, build your audience, and become a Snap Star! 

Once invited to the Marketplace, you’ll create a portfolio. Here you’ll have the opportunity to highlight the Lenses or videos that you feel best showcase your creativity. 


  • Opt to share Audience Insights (demographics, reach, etc) so brands can learn more about you and your fans. Brands are more likely to partner with you if you have Audience Insights on, but remember that you choose what to share.  

  • By participating in the Creator Marketplace, businesses will be able to contact you directly, so you should be comfortable with making your email address available to a wide audience. 

  • Check your email regularly. Be thoughtful, receptive, and quick to respond! 

  • Showcase past brand deals when highlighting a Lens or video.