Unpack Analytics & Engage Your Audience

Analytics help inform creative choices to better understand what content resonates with your fans.

Note: these features are rolling out over time on an ongoing and automated basis and are not available to all Snapchatters.

Insights and Activity

Go to the 'Insights' tab to learn more about your audience.

Recent Stories and 28-Day Summary

In 'Recent,'' each Story tile shows the reach (unique viewers) and number of Snaps in that Story. Tap a Story tile to see the views, reach, screenshots, swipe-ups, and interactions per Snaps. Take a look at the ‘28-Day Summary’ to see your latest trends.

Story Insights 

Tap 'See More' to dig deeper. In Insights, you can tap on any stat to see a graph with your engagement over 7 or 28 days.

All your past Snaps are grouped based on a 24-hour time window. You can filter by metric (reach, Story views, Story view percentage, and average view time).


How many subscribers do you have? Here you’ll find the gender breakdown, top location, and top interest of your Story Audience in the last 28 days.

Tap 'See More' to learn more about your engaged audience’s interests with Snapchat Lifestyle Categories. Compare info by age, gender, category, and location.


The Activity tab lets you track the posting activity of any roles you’ve assigned to your Public Profile.

Engage Your Audience

Snapchat makes it possible for you to reach a large and engaged audience using Story Replies and Quoting.

Engage Your Audience

Snapchat makes it possible for you to reach a large and engaged audience using Story Replies and Quoting.

Story Replies

We give Creators control over the types of messages they receive with custom filtering, so conversations stay respectful and fun.

To view Story Replies…

  1. Tap your Public Story

  2. Swipe up to view Insights and Replies

  3. Tap on a reply to see the full message and reply back

  4. Swipe or tap thumbnails to see other Snaps. Swipe down to view the Snap in fullscreen 👇

You can also view and quote Story Replies in the Activity feed in your Public Profile.


Quoting makes it easier to share a subscriber’s reply to your Public Story, and fans will be excited to get notified when you quote them. Ask your audience to send you questions and answer away! Or you can ask them questions such as, “What kind of content would you like to see more of?”


To Quote a reply…

  1. Tap the Quote button to the right of a reply that you want to share to your Public Story

  2. The reply will be overlaid on the Camera screen as a sticker. Take a Snap to share your reaction or response. 

  3. Tap ‘Send’ to add to Your Public Story.


Share Content Off-Platform

Snapchatters can share content - whether it be Spotlight Snaps, Snap Originals, or Shows - with others off the platform using easily shareable links.