Promote Your Snaps In-App (iOS only)

You can now promote your content from your Organic Public Story, Saved Story, or Spotlight content with ads on mobile, directly in the app using Snap Promote.

Snap Promote

Snap Promote is an easy-to-use advertising tool within Snapchat that enables you to promote content from your Public Profile as an ad — expanding your reach to potential customers and audiences for the period of time that you choose to promote your content. A few quick steps and your published ad starts reaching your target audience.

By promoting your content through Snap Promote, you can: 

  • Reach more people with your content

  • Guide people to visit your Public Profile, which can improve your chances to gain followers

  • Guide people to visit your website

  • Guide more people to call or text you

Please Note: At this time this functionality to promote a Snap in-app is only available in countries where business sign up is available with the exception of India and China.

How Does it Work?

Story or Spotlight content that is driving a lot of views will deploy a push notification letting you know that your Snap is on fire and to consider promoting it. However, any organic post can now be promoted as an ad, not just those that you’re notified about.

You can either tap directly on the push notification or navigate to the My Profile page and select the Story or Spotlight you want to promote. Simply tap on the “Promote” button at the top of the screen. This will kickstart the ad creation flow.

You can set your advertising goal (More Snap Views, More Profile Visits, More Website Visits, More Calls & Texts), select your audience and set the budget and duration for your ad.

When setting your ad budget and delivery, you will be required to add funds to your promotional balance via in-app purchase if you do not have sufficient funds available. Just follow the instructions on-screen to deposit funds to your promotional balance.

You will be taken to a review screen with a summary of your ad and all the campaign details, and will need to confirm your campaign. 

Your ad might take a few moments to be created, and upon successful ad creation, it will be sent to review to make sure it meets Snap advertising guidelines and policies. Most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, but some can take longer. 

Please Note: Not all approved and published organic content is eligible to be approved ads. This is because Snap has two distinct sets of content policies that govern organic content versus ads content. Organic content is governed by our Community Guidelines, and advertising content is governed by our Advertising Policies. For organic content to successfully be converted into an approved ad, it needs to meet both sets of policies. 

How Do I Manage My Ads?

Published ads can be viewed and managed from the “Ads” tab from the Public Profile management page, and you can also view ad Insights and add funds to your in-app purchase (IAP) balance. Please note - at this time this capability is only available in North America, and will be available shortly in other markets.