Develop Your Content Strategy

These essential strategies can help your content engage and grow your audience!

Be Yourself

Snapchat is where you can tell your whole story from the best part of your day to the silly in-between moments. Audiences want to get to know the real you, not the smoke and mirrors.

Keep your Story feed balanced by providing day-in-the-life, in-the-moment content between promotional posts. Your fans want to know what you care about, so even when promoting content, keep it real.

When promoting products, provide your audience with a coupon as an incentive and give them a way to engage - like posting a selfie.

Be Open to Feedback 

Communicate with fans to build stronger relationships. Connect with them and learn what they are interested in seeing. 

For example, you might do pottery, but your fans may ask you about your clothes. Lean into that. Add fashion to the mix.

Post Regularly

Tons of Snapchatters use the app daily! Keep your audience excited and coming back for more. 

It’s better to do video-based stories as opposed to just photos. People will naturally spend more time viewing your content. Use Snap’s creative camera and editing tools to make your content more engaging.

Native Content Is Best

Create content that is native to Snapchat using a native Snapchat camera. That helps it feel authentic, in-the-moment, personal, and not like it's just replicated from other platforms. 

Creators have a lot going on and might be working on multiple platforms. Make sure your content on Snapchat doesn’t feel like the same thing you’re posting on another platform. The content should feel exclusive. Sneak peek content works really well. It’s also a great idea to share your Snap username on other platforms to help people find your profile.

Focus on What’s Trending

Focus on current trends to establish yourself as a recognized name for a target audience. 

Collaborate with Other Creators

Partner with Creators within your niche to reach more people.