Ways to Share Your Content

There are so many ways to share your content on Snapchat, whether it’s with one friend, a select group, your followers, or the wider Snapchat community. All content shared on Snapchat must adhere to the Snapchat Community Guidelines and the Content Guidelines.

My Story for Friends

Snapchat first launched Stories back in 2013 so you could share moments from your day with your friends. My Story is meant for your close friends (the ones who have added you back). Simply go to Settings, scroll down to the "Privacy Controls" section and set "View My Story" to "My Friends" or "Custom". “Custom” lets you exclude certain friends from seeing your My Story.

Public Story

Your public My Story is how you can share content with your followers and the wider Snapchat community. Public Stories go directly to your real friends and followers. Your friends (people you have added back) will see your public Stories in the Friends section of the Stories page and your followers (people who have added you but whom you haven’t added back) will see your public Stories in the Following section of the Stories page. If you build up a large enough audience, your public Stories may be eligible for distribution on the Stories page. Public Stories are also viewable by any Snapchatter who visits your Public Profile.


Submit your Snaps to Spotlight to share them with an audience beyond your friends and followers. Sharing your content on Spotlight is an opportunity to get discovered by new fans and grow your audience! You can also save your favorite Spotlights directly to your Public Profile by toggling “Show Snap on Public Profile” on when submitting your Snaps to Spotlight.

Snap Map

The Snap Map is your personal map, where you can publicly share Snaps from your location and view content being created all over the world.

If you have a Public Profile, you can choose to submit Snaps to the Snap Map anonymously or with your name attached. If you share a Snap to the Snap Map with your name attached, people who see your Snap can follow you and discover more of your content by visiting your Public Profile directly from your Snap.

Snaps with Place Tags that are shared to Spotlight or to your Public Story will appear in Place Profiles on the Snap Map.

Save Stories to your Public Profile

Navigate to My Public Profile → ‘Stories.’

From the Profile Management section, tap your profile, go to the ‘Stories’ tab, and tap ‘Add a Story to your Profile’.

Create your Story
Select one or more snaps to create your Story. You can choose Public Snaps that you’ve previously shared, Snaps from your Memories, or photos and videos straight from your Camera Roll. When you’re finished, tap ‘Add.’ A Story can include up to 100 Snaps or 5 minutes of total content—whichever you reach first.

Review and edit your Story.
Tap a Snap, photo, or video to preview the entire Story and see how it will look to your audience. Rearrange or remove content by tapping ‘Edit’ in the top right corner.

Select your title and cover photo.
Enter a title for your Story. To select the cover photo, scroll through the photo picker and choose an image from the content in your Saved Story. A good title and cover photo will give your fans a hint of what’s in store! When you’re done, tap ‘Finish’ to save your Story to your Public Profile.