Snap Creators
Ways to Share Your Content
There are so many ways to share your content on Snapchat, whether it’s with one friend, a select group or all of your subscribers:
My Story
Snapchat first launched Stories back in 2013 so you could share moments from your day with your friends. My Story is meant for your closest friends (the ones who have added you back). Simply go to Settings, scroll down to the "Who can" section and change "View My Story" to "custom" or "everyone". If you select "everyone" then people who are not your friends will be able to view your Story.

Public Story
This is where you can share content with your fans—Public Stories go directly to your subscribers and can also be featured in Discover. 

Submitting your Snaps to Spotlight shares them with an audience beyond your friends and subscribers. Sharing your content on Spotlight is an opportunity to get discovered by new fans and even go viral!
Snap Map
The Snap Map is your most personal map, where you can publicly share Snaps and view content being created all over the world.