For Aspiring & Professional Creators

Snap Stars

Snap Stars are top creators and public figures who have been verified by Snapchat and receive a gold verification star in-app. They are culturally relevant and highly engaged on Snapchat, and have grown a large audience and create high-quality content. Snap Stars have access to exclusive features and monetization opportunities, and as such are hand-selected by Snapchat. As you continue to elevate your content and grow your audience, you may be invited to become a Snap Star. If you believe you are eligible for Snap Star status, please complete this form and if you are approved, you may be invited to the program.

For more information, learn more here.

Manage Roles

Assign as many trusted Snapchatters as you like to roles where they can help you manage your Public Profile. When you assign someone to a role, they’ll get a notification. Make sure to add the right username!

To assign a role, tap the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of your Profile screen. Then go to ‘Manage Roles’ > ‘Assign New Role’ > ‘Enter Username’ > ‘Select Corresponding Role.’ 

Profile Admins can manage your Public Profile, add or remove any Snaps from your Public Story, manage Highlights, assign roles, and view insights.

Profile Collaborators can view your insights and add or remove any Snaps from your Public Story.

Story Contributors can add Snaps to your Public Story and remove or view insights on these Snaps, as well as view all of your past Snaps.

Insights Viewers can—you guessed it—view your insights.

Tips to Grow Your Audience

Post publicly to Spotlight, your Public Story, and the Snap Map to grow and engage with your audience.

  • Share your Snaps to Spotlight, the Snap Map, and your Public Story 

  • Encourage non-followers to add you a few times a week 

  • Encourage followers to turn on Story notifications for your Public Story posts

  • Engage with your followers using Story Replies & Quoting