Snap Creators
Build Your Public Profile
Help Snapchatters learn more about you and dive deeper into your content.
Setting Up Your Public Profile
Your Public Profile is your space to build connections, gain subscribers, and showcase your favorite content, even when you don’t have a live Public Story. Create your Public Profile by tapping your avatar in the top left corner of the Camera screen, then follow the prompts to get set up. Need help setting up your Public Profile? Visit Public Profile FAQ for more info!

Tell the community about yourself by adding a profile pic, creating a bio, and pinning your favorite Stories permanently—or as long as you like. You can do this via ‘Highlights’ in the Profile Management section. Any Lenses you build in Lens Studio can also be added to and unlocked from your Public Profile.
Add & Edit Info
Once you’ve created your profile, go to the new Profile Management section and tap anywhere to advance to the next screen. Tap ‘Edit’ to add your profile photo, bio, and other public information.
Create Saved Stories
  1. Navigate to ‘Saved Stories.’ From the Profile Management section, tap your profile, go to ‘Saved Stories,’ and tap ‘Create New Story.’ 
  2. Select Snaps, photos, and videos. Tap the ‘+’ button to add new content to your Saved Stories. You can choose Public Snaps you’ve previously shared, or photos and videos straight from your Camera Roll. When you’re finished, tap ‘Import.’ A Story can include up to 100 Snaps or 5 minutes of total content—whichever you reach first.
  3. Review and edit your Story. Tap a Snap, photo, or video to preview the entire Story and see how it will look to your audience. Rearrange or remove content by tapping ‘Edit’ in the top right corner.
  4. Select your title and cover photo. Enter a title for your Story. To select the cover photo, scroll through the photo picker and choose an image from the content in your Saved Story. A good title and cover photo will give your fans a hint of what’s in store! When you’re done, tap ‘Finish’ to publish your Story to your Public Profile.