Snap Sounds & Music

Add Sounds to make your Snaps more memorable.

Sounds Tool

Sounds (the 🎵 icon on Camera screen) enables Snapchatters to add licensed song clips, excerpts from TV and movies, and their own original audio to their Snaps and Stories. 

Use Sounds to express yourself, find inspiration, or discover new artists you’ve never heard before. 

This tool features Playlists of music from Snap’s music partners and TV and movie audio from Snap’s content partners. Playlists focus on genres, moods, and moments that are relevant to our community as well as trending songs on Snapchat. Check out and follow our Sounds on Snapchat Guidelines when using licensed music and TV or movie content in your Snaps.  

When someone sees your Snap with Sounds, they can swipe up to view the song title, artist name, and album art, and even use the song in their own Snap. They can also tap ‘Play This Song’ to hear the full version on partner streaming platforms. 

Add Music to Your Snaps

Snapchatters can add songs to their Snaps (pre or post-capture) from a robust catalog of music from both up-and-coming and well-known artists thanks to our partnerships with many different record labels and publishers. 

To add a track to your Snap…

  1. Open the Camera screen

  2. Tap the Sounds icon 🎵. 

  3. Choose a track from the curated playlists, or search for a specific song. Tap the play button to preview.

  4. Decide where you want the song to start

  5. Play it back to make sure it’s exactly how you want it

Original Sounds

 Getting creative on Snapchat means expressing your own unique voice, so you can create your own Sounds as well!  

To create  your own original Sound to add to your Snap…

  1. Open the Camera screen

  2. Tap the Sounds icon 🎵

  3. Tap 'Create Sound'

  4. Tap the microphone button to record for up to 60 seconds, then tap it again to stop recording

  5. Name your original sound 

  6. Choose whether to make the sound public and trim the audio to the length you want

  7. Tap 'Save Sound'

Snap Trending

Check out an algorithmically curated list of the most popular Sounds of the day on Spotlight! 

Use this tab to create more successful Snaps.

Get Your Sounds on Snapchat

We encourage music Creators to add their own original songs to our library. There are two primary ways to do this:

  • Signed artists can work with your record label

  • Independent artists can use the Voisey app to create original music, or Snap partner DistroKid to distribute their music.

Regularly post Snaps to your Story and to Spotlight using trending #Topics to promote the audio in your Snaps.