Elements of a Snap

What’s a Snap?

A Snap is a photo or video you take on Snapchat. From the Camera screen, simply tap the capture button to take a photo, or press and hold to record a video.

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Your Whole Story

Snaps enable you to show the full range of your personality. Authenticity is key, so embrace the most interesting, weird, and funny sides of yourself. 

Snapchatters value good storytelling. When you create a Snap, establish your premise early on and make sure there’s a beginning, middle, and end. Get right to the action and deliver a payoff. And don’t shy away from cultural moments. 

A few tried-and-true ways to get people’s attention: bright colors, unique visuals, and interesting angles. 

Tools & Features

Snapchat offers a ton of Camera and editing tools to help make your photos and videos shine. 

Transform yourself with a Lens and add elements like captions, doodles, and stickers. Pull in location-based filters, or even your favorite music. There are so many ways to showcase your creativity!