Editing Tools
Explore more ways to make epic Snaps.
Post-Capture Filters
Once you’ve captured your Snap, swipe right to find cool frame Lenses and filters that add new colors and textures. Don’t forget, you can also add these effects to the photos/videos you upload from your camera roll.

Captions with Backgrounds
Spice up your captions with a variety of different backgrounds! 

Pro Tip: Look for good color contrast when adding captions with backgrounds. 
Use a trending #Topic in Spotlight to attract the most eyes and help Snapchatters find similar Snaps. 

Auto Captions
Make sure your audience never misses a word with auto captions. When turned on, this tool automatically transcribes your words so viewers can watch your Snaps with or without sound. You can also adjust the font style and placement within your Snaps. 

Pro Tip: Audio-optional videos typically have a longer than average playback time.
Time-Based Captions
Timing is everything. Tap the screen to add text, select your font, then tap the stopwatch icon at the top of your screen to adjust the duration of captions in your Snap. 
Doodling is a great way to add even more personality to your Snaps. Use emojis, text, or scribble your finger across the screen. Tap the color picker (3 overlapping circles) to create your Snapsterpiece.