Inspire. Inform. Entertain.

What Are Shows?

Snapchat’s Discover feed is where hundreds of millions of people find relevant, inspirational, entertaining and informative content every month.

Shows are distributed within the Discover feed and are created by a select community of global partners, including trusted news outlets, media companies, creators, sports teams, and more.

Engage with a Unique Audience

Snapchat offers a unique reach into young, highly-engaged, mobile-first generations as they embark upon major life moments. Snapchat provides engaging and immersive experiences, which is effective for Content Partners looking to make a lasting impression with a new audience.

Monetizable Content

Content Partners have the opportunity to monetize their Shows on Discover. We run a mix of ad formats in your Shows content and optimize for revenue performance.

Simple Content Management Tools

Use our convenient desktop content management tool to upload and manage your vertically-optimized videos, publish, and build a global audience. Keep episodes between 3-5 minutes long for optimal engagement.

How to Make a Successful Show

Tell a Story

We want Snapchatters to see themselves in your Shows. We’re interested in stories spanning a variety of genres, catering to the diverse tastes of our global audience.

Edit for Snapchat

Shows on Discover should be optimized for the vertical, immersive full-screen viewing experience, tightly edited, grab attention quickly, and designed for savvy mobile viewers.

Hook Viewers in 3 Seconds

Snapchatters move through content quickly. You’ll have about three seconds to prove that your content will give them the enjoyment they seek. The most successful content on Discover starts with an action. Give viewers just enough payoff to stay put for longer.

Use Insights to Grow Your Business

Your success is our success. You will have access to deep insights, platform benchmarks, frequently updated best practices, and trend reports to help guide your journey.

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