This Just In: New Updates to Spotlight

By Team Snap

on Thursday, 09 December 2021 19:00

The spotlight’s never been brighter. From getting Creator content in front of more users to opening the door up to more storytelling, here are some key updates Snapchatters will now see on Spotlight.

Reaching your subscribers (and new ones) is getting a whole lot easier.

We’ve made major improvements to our platform that make getting Spotlights in front of your subscribers easier.

But that’s not all. We’ve also made changes that push your Spotlights to Snapchatters who are similar to your current subscribers — a major opportunity to grow your audience as more Snapchatters discover you.

Spotlights and Stories are getting their own tabs on your profile.

We know they’re typically different, and now we’re making it Snapchat official. You’ll now see a new Spotlight tab that keeps all of that content separate from Stories in your Public Profile, helping Snapchatters easily distinguish the two when visiting your profile.

All Spotlights must be a minimum of five seconds.

Call it the new “five-second rule.” This update gives creators more room for storytelling, making way for a better viewing experience with more engaging content.

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