Spotlight Dos and Dont's

By Team Snap

on Tuesday, 4 January 2022 19:00

The Biggest Spotlight Dos & Don’ts

How to get your content off to a hot start in 2022.

Not quite resolutions, but also not not resolutions. 

With the new year upon us, our team picked out some of the most popular Spotlight Dos & Don’ts that you can use to brush up and get your Spotlights off to a fresh start.

DO use Creative Tools like captions, sounds and Lenses to stand out.

If a picture (or video 😊 ) is worth a thousand words, think of our Creative Tools as a clever and quick way to add a few more.

DON’T share content with logos from other platforms.

Oh, you know. Just keeping Snapchat to Snaps. :)

DO remember it’s quality over quantity.

Because we want to see everyone’s best stuff, we may limit how many Snaps you can submit to Spotlight within a certain timeframe. So pick your favorites!

DON’T go horizontal on us.

When it’s the group photo and you need to get everyone in the shot? Definitely. But when it comes to Spotlight, horizontal Snaps won’t make the cut. So keep your phones upright!

DO create with the Snapchat Camera, whenever possible.

Spotlight supports content from your Camera Roll, but Snaps created with our camera and tools are what the people love to see!

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