How to Succeed on Spotlight

By Team Snap

on Monday, 27 December 2021 19:00

The Keys to Spotlight Success

We’ve put together some basic ins and outs that will help you make the most of your content on Spotlight.

Pick a subject or theme that you feel truly passionate about. 

Your genuine enthusiasm will come through and help you generate a loyal and devoted audience. We’re all about authenticity, so show and tell us what the world looks like from your unique perspective.

Create a public profile. 

It helps viewers see there’s a real person behind the snap! A public profile also helps you archive your best hits that people can go back and watch once they’ve subscribed or discovered you on Spotlight. 

Visit the Trending Page to see what’s popular on Snap Spotlight.

Use trending #Topics, AR, and Sounds to identify and participate in trends, or evolve them with your own spin.

At the top of the page, you’ll also see Challenges that invite Snapchatters to create Snaps that utilize specific #Topics, Lenses, and Sounds and are responsive to the featured Challenge prompts. The top 50 performing Spotlight Snaps for each Challenge will be judged based on four criteria  – (1) originality and creativity, (2) innovative usage of Snapchat creative tools, (3) unique point of view, and (4) entertainment value –  and have the opportunity to win prize money 💰.

Make sure your video is at least 5 seconds long. 

That said, feel free to record up to 60 seconds as long as you continue to develop the narrative, give your audience useful information, and deliver a payoff at the end. 

Double check if your sound is on. 

Snaps with no sound are rejected from the feed. If you don’t love your original audio, check out Snap Sounds —  an extensive library of music, playlists and audio clips that you can apply to your video. 

Please keep watermarks and logos from other platforms out of your content.

Oh, you know. Just keeping Snapchat to Snaps. :)

Don’t forget about those memories.

Nostalgia is always in. So every now and then, go back and check to see if any of your old memories are worth posting. That hilarious video from your 2016 graduation party deserves some love too. :)

Last but not least, you can check out our Spotlight 101  and Spotlight Guidelines & FAQ to learn more ways to help your content succeed on Spotlight!  And, as always, make sure that your content complies with our Spotlight Terms, Challenges Rules & Community Guidelines.

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