There are two types of Show opportunities for Creators on Snapchat Discover.
Snap Originals 
These are premium, made-for-mobile Shows. They star Hollywood and global icons, as well as relevant influencers and Creators meaningful to Gen Z. Snapchatters can enjoy original Shows from some of the world’s greatest storytellers with interactive experiences you can step into and share. 

Snap Originals are funded by Snapchat. These shows are developed with the Originals Development team and produced by third party production companies.

The Snapchat Discover platform is a closed ecosystem, and both Syndicated Shows and Snapchat Originals need to be greenlit by the Snapchat team before launching.
Syndicated Shows 
Having a Syndicated Show on Discover is a low-lift opportunity to repurpose and optimize existing content you might have on other platforms. It’s a great way to use Snapchat to reach a new audience.