How to Get Rewarded for Stories
Learn how to qualify for the Stories revenue share programme
Are you a Creator that consistently shares Stories on Snapchat?
If so, our programme rewards established Creators for the content they post to their Story - it's our way of saying thank you for investing in the Snapchat community.
How To Qualify
We'll consider 3 core areas to decide if Creators are eligible and get in touch with you by email if you qualify - so make sure your account details are up-to-date!
1. Audience & Engagement
  • Have at least 50,000 subscribers on their Public Profile; and
  • more than 25 million views or 12,000 hours of view time on their Public Profile over the past 28 days
2. Consistency
  • Post to their Public Story for 10 days, each with at least 20 Snaps each day over the past 28 days
3. Compliance
How Revenue Sharing Works
Snapchat will post ads between Snaps in a Public Story, and Creators on the program receive a payment based on the revenue generated.
Want to cash out your rewards? No problem. Creators can manage their payouts in-app, and cash out a minimum of $100 daily whenever they choose.
To cash out, Creators must be fully onboarded for payouts. Simply follow the steps here.
Stories Best Practices

The more, the merrier
Post frequently in short periods of time. It's best to aim for 20 to 40 Snaps to your Public Stories daily.
Time is money
Longer Stories increase engagement and can lead to higher rewards.
Keep it real, keep it Snappy
Snapchatters want to know and interact with the real you. Story replies are a great way to connect with your community.
Use the Snapchat Camera and Creative Tools to create entertaining Snaps and Stories. Dynamic motion and bright colours in your very first Snap hook your audience and closed captions provide context that help keep them engaged.
Keep it clean
Your content is held to the highest standards and must comply at all times with our Creator Stories Terms.