Snap Creators
How to get rewarded on Spotlight
Spotlight lets you create and share short videos with users from all over the world. Top Spotlight Snaps get rewarded!
Millions per month
We value our community’s creative contributions, and Spotlight is a place where anyone can take centre stage.
Submit your best video Snaps to Spotlight for the opportunity to receive a share of the millions per month we make available to Creators.
Snapchatters can receive a Crystals Award if they submit top Snaps – which can be cashed out for money. 
Payments are determined by a proprietary formula based on various engagement metrics and other factors. The performance of other Creators’ Spotlights for the day will affect the payment total. 
If you are eligible to receive Snap Crystals from a Spotlight Submission or an eligible Snap Star, you will receive a push notification and will also be notified in My Profile where you can tap ‘My Snap Crystals’ to open the Crystals Hub.
To be eligible to receive payment, submissions must comply with the Community Guidelines, Spotlight Guidelines, Terms of Service and our Spotlight Terms. Any Snaps you delete from Spotlight won't be eligible for payment.
Snapchatters can receive rewards for the same Snap multiple times for up to 28 days after it was submitted as long as the submission remains live.
Spotlight Challenges
Win prizes for submitting top-performing Spotlight submissions that meet specific criteria. 
This is a chance for Creators to highlight their unique voice and creativity using the Snap camera and editing tools.
Who sees your Spotlights?
We aim to make each person's experience personal to them within Spotlight. Our content algorithms work to showcase the most engaging Snaps each Snapchatter would be interested in.
Everything we build is in service of helping Snapchatters express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world and have fun together. 
Commercial content
Creators and brands cannot sell or solicit products or services on Spotlight. However, brands can connect with and partner with Creators through Creator Marketplace. Creators are welcome to partner with brands and share branded content on their Stories.