Shine in the Spotlight

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a powerful opportunity to reach a massive audience with community-driven content.
Each user's experience within Spotlight is personal and unique to them.

High-quality reach

We share content with users that is relevant to them. Spotlight's reach is remarkable but more importantly, the quality of that reach means you're growing a loyal audience.

Share your unique voice

Spotlight is where you can go to show a more personal side of your brand. A little more authentic. A little more spontaneous. A little more accessible. Use the Snapchat camera and editing tools to highlight your unique voice.

Connect through content

Spotlight content is one of the best ways to grab attention and build a loyal subscriber base eager to see what else you create.

Create, Share, and Track

Set up a Public Profile

Establish your Public Profile by tapping your avatar in the top left corner of the Camera screen. Follow the prompts to finish setting it up.

Create awesome content

Whether capturing a spontaneous moment, jumping on a current trend, or demonstrating a quick DIY, consider these best practices to get — and keep — a Snapchatter’s attention.
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Post with Ease

Share your authentic and relevant 5-60 seconds videos by posting to Spotlight directly from your phone.
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Track Engagement and Growth

You'll be able to track all of your posted Spotlight Snaps, views, and likes analytics.