Content Guidelines

Why we have Content Guidelines

Snapchatters come to our app to talk to their friends, be entertained, and learn about the world. In fact, Snapchat has more than 375 million daily active users and reaches 90% of 13-24 year-olds and 75% of 13-34 year-olds in over 20 countries.

That's a lot of young people.

At Snap, our mission is to create the best possible experience for our community. We want to give them an entertaining, informative, and diverse slate of content and ensure they feel safe and secure on the platform. This is where the Content Guidelines come into play.

Our goal is simple: We want to keep Snapchat a safe and healthy experience — especially for our youngest users. We need your help to do that.

What this means for you

We've designed our guidelines to help us achieve our vision for Snapchat and protect Snapchatters from unwanted or unsuitable content. Regardless of what kind of content you create for the platform, we seek to have fair and consistent policies for everybody.

Your partnership is something we cherish. When you adhere to our guidelines, more of your content is eligible to be monetised and shown to our audience. Everybody wins.

Common violations and how to avoid them